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On line cleaning agent for heat transfer oil Product introduction:  Cleaning of heat conducting oil furnace

Mw-toc103 thermal oil cleaner (TOC) produced by our company is a kind of safe and efficient on-line cleaning agent specially developed for coking and carbon deposition in the process of using heat transfer oil furnace. It solves the contradiction of "the cleaning of heat conducting oil furnace affects the production", and solves the problem that the conventional cleaning technology will produce a large amount of waste water.

appearance: Amber

form: Compound chemicals

consumption: It is directly added into the system according to 3% - 5% of the system heat transfer oil volume

Function: Effectively remove the coking and carbon deposition in the heat transfer oil system and maintain the system

effect: The coking rate of the cleaning system was more than 98%.

characteristic: No impact on production, no water, effectively prevent carbon deposition regeneration, no waste water discharge, no pollution in the cleaning process

Product advantages

The traditional removal of coking and carbon deposition in the heat transfer oil furnace requires professional personnel to stop the machine on site, and carry out multiple cycle cleaning by filling the system with acid and alkaline cleaning agent, which affects the production time for a long time, and the labor cost is high.

Mw-toc103 thermal conductive net functional component is a kind of polar activated molecule and its complex synthesized based on the theory of "similar phase solubility" and polar activation technology. It is adsorbed on the surface of colloid and coke material, breaking the chemical bond that plays a binding role in the coking material, so that the coking material is dissolved and expanded, and forms a solid solution with the coking material, which is finally stripped off the metal tube wall and dispersed to In the heat transfer oil. The product can completely remove the heat insulation layer of heat transfer oil pipe wall with less addition; it is safe to use in the same city, and has no side effect on the heat transfer oil system itself.

usage method:

1. Cool the heat transfer oil in the system to about 100 ℃, release 3-5% heat transfer oil from the lowest point, and replace the failed instruments (pressure gauge and thermometer).

2. Inject the product into the system in proportion to ensure that the cleaning agent can enter the pipeline fully.

3. Start the oil pump, cycle at low temperature, and the temperature can be increased after the pressure gauge is stable. During the heating process, if necessary, open the forced exhaust valve. The heating rate should not be too fast, and the stability of the pressure gauge shall prevail.

4. Heat up to a reasonable temperature and cycle for 1-3 days (if the pressure is found to be zero during the process of product action, quickly open the bypass of the filter and clean the filter).

5. When the cleaning is near the end, put out the fire and the oil temperature drops to about 100 ℃. It is suggested to close the valves of some oil circuits (at most half of the valves) and keep them for a period of time (each half an hour) to make the cleaning more thorough. Finally, open the forced exhaust valve for a period of time (about one hour) to clean the high-level tank.

6. When the cleaning is completed, drain the heat transfer oil and cleaning agent from the lowest point of the system as far as possible.

7. Pressurize the system with compressed air (4-5kg), and clean up the residual cleaning agent and heat transfer oil one by one.

8. Clean the high-level tank (since residual carbon and oil sludge are easy to deposit in the high-level tank during the cleaning process, manual cleaning is required).

9. Fill the system with new heat transfer oil and slowly raise the temperature (about one day).

User stories:


Before use

After use

Inlet temperature of heat medium furnace

two hundred and forty

two hundred and sixty-five

Outlet temperature of heat medium furnace



Outlet pressure difference of circulating pump




After using the product, the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the heat transfer oil furnace recovers from 35 ℃ - 40 ℃ to 10-18 ℃. The pressure difference at the outlet of the circulating pump decreases significantly, which indicates that the heat transfer effect and heat medium flow rate of the heat transfer oil furnace are significantly changed.