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Energy saving additive for heat conduction oil furnace Product introduction:  Cleaning of heat conducting oil furnace

Mw-tofa, an energy-saving additive for heat transfer oil produced by our company, is a kind of energy-saving and efficiency increasing product that peels and disperses the coke and oil fouling of heat-transfer oil into the system, fundamentally reduces the energy consumption and fuel consumption of heat-transfer oil transportation, and extends the service life of equipment and heat-transfer oil.

Product efficacy:

1、 Reduce energy consumption by more than 10%;

2、 Repair the physical and chemical indexes of heat transfer oil and prolong its service life;

3、 The coke is liquefied and dispersed in the heat transfer oil circulation system.

working principle:

The energy-saving additive (TOFA) for heat-conducting oil furnace has strong reduction and activation properties. The principle of TOFA is as follows:

1. The effective components in the product can capture the coking groups of aromatics and hydrocarbon chain dehydrogenation cracking and condensation reactions, and inhibit the decomposition, condensation, coking and other chemical reactions of heat transfer oil;
2. The active components in the product can activate the heavy components of coking and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons after oxidation, which can liquefy into light oil components and peel off the metal surface.

Scope of application:

All kinds of synthetic oil and mineral oil used for more than 3 months are suitable for TOFA.

Construction process:

1. Inject 0.5% of the volume of heat transfer oil into the system, and ensure that the cleaning agent can fully enter the pipeline. If the system is not full, the old heat transfer oil can be used to supplement (pay attention not to inject the residual water in the low-level tank into the system).

2. Pay attention to the pressure of the pressure gauge during operation. If the pressure rises obviously, the forced exhaust valve should be opened; if the pressure gauge decreases, the bypass should be opened, and the filter screen should be taken out and cleaned.

User case:

Good effect of heat transfer additive (TOA) in our company has been obtained. The thickness of the press steel plate is 5mm. Before adding, the thermal resistance decreases from 4.5k/mm to 1.3k/mm after decoking.

The test data are as follows:

Inlet temperature degree
Press left
In press
Press right
Before adding
two hundred and fifty-six
one hundred and forty-one
one hundred and eighteen
one hundred and forty
three hundred and eighty
add to 16h
two hundred and fifty
one hundred and sixty
one hundred and thirty
one hundred and sixty
three hundred and eighty-six
add to 65h
two hundred and forty-five
one hundred and thirty-five
one hundred and twenty-eight
one hundred and thirty-five
four hundred
add to 67h
two hundred and forty
one hundred and forty
one hundred and thirty-five
one hundred and forty-two
three hundred and ninety-two
add to 71h
two hundred and forty-three
one hundred and thirty-five
one hundred and twenty-four
one hundred and forty-one
three hundred and eighty-nine
add to 72h
two hundred and forty
one hundred and thirty-five
one hundred and twenty-eight
one hundred and thirty-four
four hundred and five